Hello beautiful soul!

I’m so happy you’ve joined the circle! You deserve to shine from your diamond and you know it!

Congratulations on loving yourself enough to heal yourself! The courage and self-worth it takes to join the circle and commit to yourself is a *huge* part of the work! You’re already leaps and bounds into your spiritual evolution process- I’m so proud of you! Healing starts and ends with you. It starts here- with desire, passion and investing effort. It ends with you fully RECEIVING yourself and your efforts.

Too often I am witness to incredible people making wonderful healing strides and not giving themselves enough credit for it. When you’re not proud of every step you take, it can negate the work. It’s like having millions of dollars and feeling and acting broke. What’s the point? I see this so much- people fighting their own growth and only offering themselves conditional love.

This course exists in the realm of unconditional love. Your diamond already knows you’re perfect, whole and complete. This course is a remembering of who you truly are. It can be easy if you allow it to be. Keep focus on your diamond and not the dust. Keep focus on your efforts and not only will the desired outcomes surely follow but you’ll enjoy the journey with each step.

When you acknowledge yourself for your efforts, it connects you with your diamond- with your spirit, your eternal self. Everything gets more fun and the magick sinks in a little deeper. It’s a joyous adventure in self-discovery! Think; multimillionaire that is happy, fulfilled, and sharing the wealth! Everyone wins! Your light becomes the light of the world!

Please keep this in mind with each of the modules. With each new psychic tool you learn, have a little happy dance! Whether you’re feeling it or not, you’re already acting in alignment with an unconditional self-love. Not many can say that! I’m so impressed with you and I hope you’re impressed with you, too!

I love you unconditionally.

Shine on,