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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there." ~ Rumi

This course takes place in that field. It’s a pleasure to meet you here.

Welcome to the circle! You belong. You were born intuitive, these modules will serve to remind you of all you already know. While they are strategically placed in a recommended order and it’s suggested you spend one month exploring each module to fully digest and absorb the material, you’re welcome to skip around and go at your own pace. You heal you.

healing guides for your nu it journey

*As you move through the course, you’ll notice you sometimes fall asleep during the recordings. All good! Your subconscious mind is always listening and sometimes it’s easier on your spirit to do the work passively than actively.

Healing is where love meets pain. As the pain is being replaced by love, you may doze off as way of not re-living the pain. (Or you may be more tired than you realized and that’s okay, too :))

*You’ll also notice yourself becoming more self-aware. The more aware of your energy you are, your patterns and tendencies, preferences and areas of discomfort, the easier it is to heal and consciously create a you and life that works for you.

Self-awareness also makes it easier to identify not-you and so you may ground it out and get back to you so fast it’s like you never left you.

*It’s 100% normal to not see images at first! I promise you’re doing the work, whether you’re seeing it or not!

Most of us are used to reading energy from our second chakra (feelings) and so it’s just an adjustment. You’re working a whole new muscle!

Practice makes permanence. Be gentle with yourself, the muscle will develop with time. Sometimes it starts as clairaudience (you’ll hear messages before you see them) or claircognizance (you’ll know messages).

october AStral travel calls:

Mondays at 8:30pm EST (NYC) /5:30pm PST (LA) : 

 OCTOBER 7 Fundamentals- after a fun meditation, we’ll read one another
       OCTOBER 14 Astral Travel Meditation- 1 hour long meditation
       OCTOBER 21 Review & Reading- we’ll review your new tool (astral travel) then read one another
       OCTOBER 28 Seance- after reviewing your new tool, we’ll conduct a seance

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This month please join us for our first ever virtual full moon healing circle!

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Psychic tools to release the dust. Drop the baggage, associations and projections and see life as it is, not as you are. Feel the freedom of becoming unattached to outcome and respond to life from your diamond and authentic light, rather than reacting to it from your dust or situation.

Learn more.



Choose your diamond and disregard your dust. The lessons in this module continue the *fun*damentals of your psychic development. You'll learn how to sustain your neutrality (diamond), keep your energy high, boundaries strong, spirit aligned and rock your power.

Learn more.


Reading Relationships

Learn the spiritual significance of your relationships. Honor the true purpose of your relationships as way of honoring yourself, your love, your growth and your worth. Put love first and honor your relationships as portals to higher ground. Love is all there is.

Learn more.



Spirit Guides

You are not alone. Learn how to receive the love and support you know you deserve. Lean into your strength and accept help and guidance with the rest.

Learn more.



Talk about a different walk through life! You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what your power center is, when to align with it and when to align with greater balance and harmony.

Learn more.



Start perceiving life and yourself differently. Energy doesn’t lie. Learn what subconscious messaging you’ve been projecting out into the world and what lens you’re filtering the world in through.

Learn more.



Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is like forgiveness in action. So you abandoned yourself, it happens to the best of us! Learn why you forfeited your power and how to prevent from doing that again. Expect to experience mental freedom and authenticity.

Learn more.


Healing Past Trauma

Change your biochemistry to love like you’ve never been hurt! Use neuroplasticity to forgive life’s injustices, others and yourself. The trauma is not your fault, the healing is your responsibility. You are SO MUCH GREATER than your story.

Learn more.


Past Lives

Make sense of your deepest fears, heal hurtful behaviors, get your power back! Take a karmic look into any one of your relationships, phobias or affinities, master your soul’s lessons and become powerfully present.

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Add value to your life because you know you deserve it! Visualize to materialize. Align with you many current blessings, rock an attitude of gratitude and walk in love as way of attracting even more to be grateful for. Possible side effect: you may become your highest self in the process.

Learn more.


Akashic Records

Your custom key to success. Learn where your current challenges originated from and how to overcome them. Remember your potential with every step you take forward. You're magick and with this psychic tool you'll know, own and feel it. Shit is getting witchy!

Learn more.


Astral Travel

Touch your soul and kiss the sky.Rest, restore and replenish on every level of consciousness. It’s like resetting your human back to your original encarnation settings. Besides the metaphysical benefits, this module is especially effective in benefitting sleep quality.

Learn more.



Source Healings

Align with forces greater than yourself to be your greatest self. Remove karmic obstacles from your path and channel love consciousness through your body. Surrender, accept and receive.

Learn more.


Connecting with the Deceased

Having friends on the other side can be like a cheat sheet to life. Some feel closer to their deceased loved ones post-transition than they did when they were alive.

Learn more.


Psychic Readings

See beyond the predictable and into the realm of infinite possibilities. Learn the “why” of any situation and the “how” of any desire. Use your intuition as your personal customized navigation system through life.

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