Past Lives


The first recording introduces your new psychic tool.

The practice recording offers you a new recording to practice your new tool with.

The fun recording includes the fundamental psychic tools as well as your new tool.


What if I told you there was an explanation for all the seemingly unexplainable things in your life — your affinities or aversions. What if all your irrational fears were completely rational and rooted in lifetimes past? This module may make sense of everything for you!

Use this module to master the lessons of your soul. We will often recreate the same story for ourselves over and over again until we learn and master the lesson the story has to teach us. Look into what stories you may be recreating this lifetime and what lessons you’ve incarnated to master.

You may also use this module to learn more about your relationships. What past lives have you lived together before and how do those lives explain where this relationship is at now?

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To Read Your Past Lives:

  1. From your psychic space, look out onto your reading screen and ask for a rose to appear. This rose represents your soul and its many incarnations.

  2. Your past lives will look like golden rings on the stem of the rose. Pick a past life golden ring to look into.

  3. Send everything but that one golden ring down the grounding cord of your reading screen.

  4. Flip that golden ring so that it looks like the letter “o” on your screen and stretch it out to take up the entire screen.

  5. As you open up that golden ring, look for a scene to appear.

  6. Maintaining your psychic space, enjoy your seat as though you’re in a theatre watching the movie of your past life. What do you see? What era is it? What continent are you on? What are you wearing? What does the architecture look like? What does it sound like? Take it all in and gain clues as to what this past life pertains to.

  7. Now look for yourself. What is your gender? What is your age? What are you doing? Do you like what you’re doing? How does it feel to be you?

  8. How does this relate to your current life- are you currently living a different version of this? Or are you living the opposite of this? How did you feel limited in that past life? Does that make sense of your current limitations? How might this past life make sense of your current affinities? Why are you watching this past life? What karma is there to complete and how could you embody that completion in current life?

  9. Once you receive the wisdom of your soul’s past experience, send everything on your reading screen down the grounding cord of your reading screen.

  10. To complete karma imagine an incomplete golden ring on your reading screen- a part of it is missing. Fill in the missing piece and so that it looks perfect, whole and complete and like there was never a piece missing.

  11. Send the ring down the grounding cord of your reading screen.

  12. Have the reading screen retract back into the earth and enjoy your psychic space.

Suggested Practices

  • Pick a loved one and explore your past life karma together. What was your relationship in a past life? How does this explain your current relationship?

  • Pick a pattern or habit you’d like to release and look into its past life karma. Where did this originate? Why did it originate? Complete it’s karma.

  • Explore the past life karma of an affinity you can’t make sense of - a location, hobby, collection, etc.

  • Read the past life of another! Ask for them to say hello three times and look for their rose on your reading screen and then their karma rings.

  • Look into a past life with your current parents.

  • Ask the rose on your reading screen to present the most relevant past life for you to see now.

Complementary Reading Material

  • Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
    (I’ve never personally read this one, but I’ve heard wonderful things.)

  • Brida by Paulo Coelho
    (He does a nice job of conveying our souls as omnipresent and peeking into multiple lives in a moment, thereby displaying past lives as simultaneous lives and not exactly existing in linear time.)

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