Healing Past Trauma



Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. The trauma is not your fault. You’re here because you know the healing is your responsibility. This is module is the quickest and most radically effective way I personally know how to heal past trauma. I’ve used this with survivors of war, rape, abuse, neglect and more. But trauma is trauma. It’s validate regardless of the story, situation, whether it’s in a psychology text book or not. This module works whether you’re aware of your trauma or not.

Studies have shown that our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and visualizations. Use this psychic tool to visualize the desired outcome you would have preferred instead of your trauma, to receive the validation you didn’t receive in the past and to rewire your brain to act according to your pure potential. Practice this module and be witness to yourself walking, talking and acting differently. You’ll love like you’ve never been hurt, speak up like you’ve never been told to shut up, and trust in the process of life like you’ve never been disappointed. get rid of the dust and live from your diamond.



Heal Past Trauma:

  1. Set up the scene engaging all your senses. Where was it the painful moment occurred? What does it look like? What does it smell like? What temperature is it? Is there a scent to this scene? Is there soundtrack to this scene? Take a look around. Take it all in and tune into every detail possible.

  2. Where are you at? What are you doing? What are you wearing? How are you carrying yourself? How do you feel right now? Take a moment to be here before anything happens.

  3. As the impending doom approaches, how would you manipulate this scene so that it has a more comfortable and supportive ending? What would you have happen instead? Picture that now. Feel that new ending now. What does it sound like? What does it smell like? Is there a taste or temperature to this new beginning?

  4. Focus in on yourself receiving things a different way. What do you look like as things start going in a more favorable direction? What do you feel? How are you carrying yourself? See if you can stretch yourself to fully take in the validation of this moment so that you’re feeling completely heard, seen, respected, valued, and loved.

  5. Once complete with receiving the new outcome, if there were other individuals involved in this scene, have them leave now and so you’re the only one here.

  6. Have your highest self enter the scene. The you that lives in your psychic space.

  7. What do you need to hear or receive from your highest self? Offer that to yourself now.

  8. What do you need to say to your highest self? Express that now.

  9. Continue this exchange with yourself for as long as you wish, offering yourself all you wish. This is you loving, supporting and healing you.

  10. When complete you can imagine the two of you becoming one and then disappearing completely.

  11. The whole scene disappears and you’re now in your psychic space completing with a golden sun.

Suggested Practice

  • Let the visualization guide you. Be open to where it takes you.

  • Journal about your experience so you’re continuing the conversation with yourself and taking it from the metaphysical to the physical.

  • Take note of the difference in your approach to life and your relationship with this specific subject matter.

  • See if you notice new memories showing up or if life starts to get a bit more colorful.

  • Practice this one regularly to truly liberate yourself. You know yourself best, go at your own pace. I did this weekly for 1 year and experienced a major unleveling in every single aspect of my life. I highly recommend a regular practice here, whether weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. Fears will dissolve and intimacy and enthusiasm for life will increase.

  • Please do praise yourself for this work! Reward yourself with a beautiful bath afterwards, romance yourself with fresh flowers, with your favorite tea, your favorite hobby or whatever it is that delights your soul! You ought to be so proud of yourself!

  • Ylang ylang is my favorite essential oil when going this deep. It anchors your spirit into your body. Inhale it or apply it underneath your belly button to benefit your relationship with your feelings and your relationship with the human experience.

  • Saro is an essential oil that’s considered a euphoric. Like ylang ylang, it will invite your spirit into your body and create a positive association with healing past trauma.

  • Check out the Growing Pains video to better understand what you may be experiencing.

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