Cord Cutting




As way of connecting with one another we create these energy cord agreements that are like psychic contracts keeping us on the same page. With every exchange or shared common experience and energy cord is made. That cord tends to validate all parties involved, magnifying the agreement or contents of the cord contract. People bond over sports, fashion, their favorite shows and trends through energy cords. Cords keep us unified and create a sense of belonging. Most cords are positive and fade after the shared common experience, the conversation, movie, game, or show.

In this module you’ll be cutting all the cords that didn’t naturally fade. You’ll gain clarity on some outdated contracts you may be operating with as way of accessing mental freedom. The cords you’ll be cutting are the ones that validate you more than you’re validating yourself. Something as benign as a show or fashion collection when corded into can become your whole identity and pull you off your path. Cords can be agreements that no longer serve you and thereby stunt your growth. In a way, they can keep you loyal to a fault.

For example, let’s say you’re a writer Mr. Man was your favorite MFA professor and believed in you more than anyone else did. His belief in you felt so good that you created this energy contract with him suggesting you’re a great writer because Mr. Man said so. You’re now a published author and may still be cording into him years and years later for that sense of self-worth.

Should you learn that he sexually harassed one of his students you’d be devastated, in disbelief, possibly outraged or in denial. Because of this energy cord, your sense of worth may be threatened with that sexual harassment case. You may find yourself questioning whether or not you, a best-selling author, is even a great writer or not. You may consider yourself a feminist and find yourself defending him because of that cord. That’s the power of a cord. These outdated agreements may rob you of your power and can pull you off your path.

Should you cut the cord and self-validate instead, you may be able to hold space for all the variables in the situation. You’ll be released from tunnel vision or obsessive thoughts. “How could he? What does this mean?” Without the cord, you may think, “That’s disappointing, Mr. Man was hugely influential in my confidence as a writer.” And that’s it! You won’t be second guessing yourself as a writer. You won’t be fighting all the facts and statistics of the case. You won’t loose your alignment with your own values and ethics. You’ll be able to see things in real time.

There’s a pay-off to every cord. Listen to this module and learn what you’re still agreeing to and why. Cut the cords to heal yourself and release yourself from the limitation of the past. Learn how to self-validate as way of preventing future cords.



How To Cut Cords:

  1. Scan your body for an energy cord.

  2. Follow the cord out to see what this contract is all about. Who is on the other end of it? What are you agreeing to? Why have you been agreeing to this?

  3. With a beautiful pair of golden scissors, imagine cutting the cord so that it flies out into outer space and disappears completely.

  4. Your end of the cord melts back into you.

  5. Where the cord used to be, write a positive affirmation that will validate you in the way the cord did to prevent such cords from coming back.

  6. You’re free to be you!


Suggested Practices

  • Scan the front of your body for cords. Imagine a golden pair of scissors that cuts them all in one snip.

  • Scan your back for cords. Imagine a golden pair of scissors that cuts them all in one snip.

  • Scan your body for the largest energy cord. Once found, explore it. The bigger ones tend to accumulate experiences to reinforce them. Look for all the experiences on the other end of this large cord. For example, the agreement could be “Love is painful,” and when you go to the other end of the cord you may see your ex, your parents, a documentary you watched, etc. Why is this cord so thick? Ask the cord how it’s influenced your walk through life and each of your relationships. Cut the cord and self-validate by replacing it with an affirmation where it used to be.

  • Scan your body for cords and see if there’s a particular charka that has more cords than others? You may explore why or simply cut the cords.

  • Scan your body for cords and see if there are spots without cords? Can you tell why you’re not as susceptible to cords in these chakras?

  • Scan your back for cords and see if there is a specific chakra that is especially vulnerable to cords. Explore why and how to prevent future cords.

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