The first recording introduces your new psychic tool.

The practice recording offers you a new recording to practice your new tool with.

The fun recording includes the fundamental psychic tools as well as your new tool.


Energy doesn’t lie. Your aura is your first point of contact with the outside world and the first impression you make on the world. It’s also the filter you take the world in through. Keep your aura clean and healed to see the world as it is and not as you are.

In this module you’ll learn how to make an impact (expand your aura), how to hide out (contract your aura), what messages you’ve been subliminally sending the world and how you’ve been taking the world in. You’ll also learn about your coping mechanisms, whether you have a callus aura and are guarded or if you have a porous aura and forfeit your power often. However your aura is, you have all the power in healing it and setting it to your preferred messaging, size and thickness through this guided visualization. May you be touched by the radiance of your own light



Here’s How to Heal and Set Your Aura:

  1. From your psychic space, look around to see the edges of your aura. What is the radius of your aura?

  2. Experience expanding your aura all the way out to about 10 feet in radius.

  3. Experience contracting your aura all the way in to about 1 inch in radius.

  4. Take a moment to expand and contract your aura a few times until you find a set point that feels most comfortable for you.

  5. Look around for any ripples or tears in your aura and simply smooth them out. Energy follows intention.

  6. Scan for dark spots in your aura. When you find one, you may explore it to learn where this scar tissue came from, what message it represents, how it’s withholding life from you or how its helping you feel safe.

    • Whether your explore its psychic feedback or not, you may heal yourself by releasing the dark spot. Imagine it melting and disappearing down your grounding cord now.

    • This will offer you a more accurate and relevant connection with the present moment.

  7. Scan your aura for holes. When you find a hole, you may explore it to learn when you left your body, how this escape helps you feel safe and why it’s not serving you.

    • Whether you gain a deeper understanding of the holes in your aura or not, you may heal them by simply watching them close up, mend and come together.

    • This will keep you contained in your aura and in your power.

  8. Scan your aura for any images or messages - what is your energy telling the world and how are you filtering the world in?

    • If you like what you find and find it appropriate, then keep it there, that’s great!

    • If you find a message that doesn’t resonate or you’d like to update, simply watch as this message melts away and goes down your grounding cord. Then replace it with whatever image or message you’d prefer to project outward and use to filter in.

  9. Tuck your aura into your grounding cord.


Suggested Practices

  • Experience a day with an expanded aura.

  • Experience a day with a contracted aura.

  • Create a huge bold message across your aura one day and see how life responds to it. See how you respond to it. (Personal favorites are, “LIFE IS EASY” “LIFE IS FUN!” “I AM LOVE”)

  • Trust what you’re intuiting. Any time you find yourself disliking someone, with psychic permission, take a closer look at their aura to find out why.

  • Scan your aura in the evening to see what spots or holes you may have picked up that day. Life moves fast and we don’t always realize when we’ve hit uncomfortable or invalidating energy.

  • Before you reinforce a habit that no longer serves you (drinking, smoking, overeating, binge watching, retail therapy, etc.) scan your aura. Chances are you’ll find a few holes or spots. Clear them up and see if you’re craving that self-soothing mechanism? I realized I would overeat whenever there were holes in my aura. I made a habit of scanning my aura the moment I walked back into my home from work and was constantly surprised by all the new holes I had accumulated and the small, seemingly insignificant moments in time that had created them. Sure enough, after patching them up (and shedding a few tears), I didn’t want the wine, weed, sweets as much anymore.

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