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We’re all made of energy in motion. As Carl Sagan says, we are a way for the cosmos to experience itself. Each of your chakras offers you an opportunity to experience different parts of your whole. Besides the major chakras most are familiar with, each bend in our body is also an energy vortex or chakra- your elbows, knees, hips, etc. And each of the 365 acupuncture points in your body is a tiny little chakra with its own innate wisdom, information and purpose.

Each chakra is an energy vortex and psychic center. There are two spinning discs per chakra- the outer one turns clockwise and sends energy information out into the word. The inner one spins counter-clockwise and receives energy information from the world. We are constantly emitting and receiving energy information.

The chakras ascend in the order of the colors of the rainbow and they vibrate at the same speed and frequency of their correlating color of light from red to violet with red being the most dense, heaviest and slowest color and violet being the lightest and fastest color. As you may imagine the wisdom of the red chakra is the most primal in nature and has the most to do with our human experience, whereas the wisdom of the violet chakra is the most ethereal in nature and its wisdom pertains more to our spiritual experience. For a more comprehensive understanding of information you may expect to find in each of your seven major chakras, please enjoy this article, and explore your chakras using the audio recordings. In this module you’ll experience your seven major chakras, as well as your 8th chakra! Check in with your 8th chakra to learn your purpose and how to best live from it.


As a very broad and general guide, below are the listed mantras of each chakra:

Name   |   Color   |   Mantra   |   Activation

1. Root • Red “I am” Trust > Fear

2. Sacral • Orange “I feel” Harmony > Insecurity

3. Solar • Yellow “I will” Worth > Limitations

4. Heart • Green “I love” Compassion > Judgement

5. Throat • Blue “I speak” Belonging > Isolation

6. Brow • Indigo “I see” Intuition > Passively Following

7. Crown • Violet “I know” Big Picture > Tunnel Vision

The recording will help you better connect with each chakra, spin it, explore it, heal it, expand and contract it and more!

Suggested Practices

  • Dedicate a day to each chakra. For that day, keep that one chakra as expanded as is comfortable for you and turn it all the way up to 100% while turning the other chakras lower to 70%. You could even wear the color of that chakra to help focus your energy this way. See what you notice. What does life in that color look like for you? What does it do for you? What can it teach you?

  • Pick a day to turn down your lower three chakras to 70% and keep the higher four chakras up at 100% and experience what it means to place greater emphasis on your spiritual centers.

  • Pick a day to turn your lower three chakras up to 100% and turn your higher four chakras down to 70% and experience life from your more body-oriented energy centers.

  • Scan your chakras to see which is the largest and which is the smallest.

  • Scan your chakras to see if they’re all spinning?

  • Keep your chakras balanced and take note of when they fall out of balance and how they fall out of balance.

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