Spirit Guides


I found Bentley’s appearance in this video appropriate (and adorable)!

There are no coincidences.


The first recording is an introduction to your new psychic tool.

The practice recording offers you a new recording to practice your new tool with.

The fun recording includes your fundamental psychic tools as well as your new psychic tool.


Your spirit guides may know you better than you know yourself. They are here to support your soul’s ascension. They have much to teach you and also much to learn from you. Some guides have opposite, complimentary gifts and that’s why you’ve been assigned to each other. You’re balancing each other out and learning from the other. Other guides have similar gifts and help you own and strengthen those gifts and that’s why you’ve been assigned to each other. All guides are here to remind you of your path and mirror your purpose back to you with every experience you’re in.

We have multiple spirit guides in a lifetime.Just like friends, teachers and other mentors, there are guides that will be in your life for a short while and guides that are with you a lifetime. There are guides that help you master a specific lesson then move on. There are guides that help with different areas of life and show up when you’re growing in that area- health, relationships, trauma, etc. So, they’ll appear at onset of a monumental moment in life and leave when you’ve mastered the lessons of that moment.

Spirit guides are ascendant beings without bodies that used to be in human form. They’ve lived thousands of years as human and are so far along in their ascension process that they had the option of becoming guides rather than reincarnating to continue their souls journey. Teaching is mastery. Your guides have opted to teach about the human experience as way of mastering it, rather than living it. This is a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship that serves you both. Lean into it to help accelerate the evolution of both your souls.

In this module you will meet just one. Please ground into this relationship, connect and bond fully for a few months before meeting another spirit guide. Just like any relationship, the more you invest in this relationship, the more you’ll benefit from it. Take your time in better understanding and experiencing the magick of this sacred bond before calling in the next spirit guide. You’re already working with a few. Grounding into this one won’t take away from the work you’re doing with the others. It’ll help reinforce the beauty and purpose of this one. I recommend you meet a different guide every 3 months or so. Ultimately, it will be up to you if you’d like to connect with them all at the same as your spirit squad, if you’d like to keep relationships intimate and meet with one at a time or practice a combination of both. They’re here for you.



Meet Your Spirit Guide

  1. Follow the recording to enter the astral plane from your psychic space. You’ll find a door in your psychic space that opens up to a spiral staircase. Ascend up the staircase until you see another door at the top of the staircase.

  2. Walking through the door at the top of the spiral staircase, you’ll follow your path through your enchanted garden, across the stream and into the field where your spirit guide is waiting for you.

  3. Notice your spirit guide waving at you across the field and walk towards them.

  4. When connecting with your guide, get to know them! Ask anything you’d like to know about them, your relationship or you or simply be in their presence and see where the exchange goes.

  5. You may want to commemorate the exchange with a gift. See if there’s anything they’d like to gift you and take it in.

  6. When complete, you may hug them, say your goodbyes and make your way back through the field and towards your enchanted garden.

  7. Upon arriving at your enchanted garden, you notice the path that leads you across the stream and back to the large white door to your spiral staircase.

  8. Go through the door and descend down the spiral staircase until you reach the door to your psychic space.

  9. After re-entering your psychic space, close the door behind you and have a seat in the center of your head.

Plugging In Your Spirit Guide:

  1. Create a grounded platform 15 feet to your side and have your spirit guide appear here. Notice them in the distance.

  2. Create a grounded platform 10 feet to your side and have your spirit guide hop closer to you onto this platform. Acknowledge their presence.

  3. Create a grounded platform 5 feet to your side and have your spirit guide hop closer, still. What do you notice?

  4. Finally, create a grounded platform right beside you and have your spirit guide arrive here. Welcome them. Thank them for coming. Acknowledge what you’re experiencing before having them plug in.

  5. Next, imagine your spirit guide wrapping their arms around you as though offering you a hug or an embrace from the side. Their right arm lays on top of your right arm. Their left arm lays on top of your left arm.

  6. Finally, have your spirit guide plug into your arm psychic channels from elbows to wrists. Their forearms simply drop into yours so that from elbows to wrists you are one. There are four hands and two bodies, but only one set of forearms. Acknowledge what you’re experiencing as they plug in.

  7. The real fun and guidance happens as you take your spirit guide with you wherever you go. Be open to their guidance and direction as they experience your day with you. Trust what you’re receiving, knowing that you’re in charge and they are here as support.

To Unplug Your Spirit Guide:

  1. Asking your spirit guide to unplug is easy! Their arms just float above yours so that they are no longer plugged in. Their arms drop to their sides and they’re standing right beside you on their grounded platform. How do you experience the sensation of them unplugging?

  2. Helping you helps your guide. Ask your guide to help you with a few things before sending them off.

  3. Have your guide hop over to the grounded platform 5 feet beside you.

  4. Hook your guide up to source energy by imagining a golden column of light that descends onto their grounded platform, enveloping your guide. Your guide is standing in the center of the golden column of light.

  5. As the golden column of light ascends back up into the sky, it takes your guide with it, like an elevator taking your guide back up to the astral plane.

Suggested Practices

  • Take your spirit guide with you wherever you go. Keep them plugged in for an entire day and keep the communication lines open and see how it goes.

  • Plug your spirit guide in and have them work your fundamental psychic tools for you. Have them ground you, run your energy, create you a separation tool and golden sun you. Notice how it goes when they do this for you.

  • Have conversations with your spirit guide. Treat them like you would a new friend and get to know them.

  • Assign tasks to your spirit guide every time you meet with them. Go big or small and be open to receiving their support in mysterious ways.

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