Reading Relationships



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“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
- Anais Nin

Relationships are spiritual contracts and assignments in growth. Some will help you grow through pain or discomfort and others will help you grow through inspiration and most will help you grow through both. They can provide a portal to something greater than ourselves and help us rise to meet the sum of the parts as greater than the whole.

Use this module to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of your relationships. How are your relationships helping you grow? What are you learning about yourself through your relationships? How are they contributing to your self-actualization? How are they helping you rise to higher love?



Reading Relationships:

  1. From your psychic space place the two individuals in a relationship on your reading screen. (Always ask for psychic permission before looking into another’s space and understand that you’ll only see things as they pertain to your karma and path.)

  2. Manipulate the two individuals and witness what happens as feedback regarding the relationship. What happens when you separate them? What happens when you place them close to each other? What happens when you take them down the timeline? Ask your screen why you’re seeing what you’re seeing and how this information may serve the relationship?

  3. You may simply witness the relationship and it may display to you it’s message without any manipulation. Just watch.

  4. You may ask your reading screen questions pertaining to the relationship and be open to all it unveils. Why have we come together? What are we learning from this? How can we best honor the purpose of this relationship?

  5. Heal the relationship by placing the two individuals in the center of the screen and creating one golden sun for the both of them. Fill them up with the single, unifying golden sun. See if this changes the relationship?

Suggested Practices

  • Since we have an easier time reading through neutrality and since most relationships come with a charge, pick a distant relationship to read. Something as seemingly insignificant as your relationship with a stranger or someone you have limited, controlled interactions with - your barista, barber, nail artist, etc. All encounters are holy encounters. Read this relationship to see the love in it and to work your relationship reading muscle.

  • Look into your relationship with your parents to learn why you’ve incarnated into this family dynamic. Whether you’re close or estranged, there is spiritual significance in these relationships and they’ve likely influenced you possibly more than you realize. Learn about that influence and its purpose in your life as way of healing yourself and loving yourself more.

  • Look into a relationship that is no longer. An ex or a friend from the past. The death of the relationship is a part of the life of the relationship. Learn how the life of the relationship served you and learn how the death of the relationship served you. Sometimes the death of the relationship can be more impactful than it’s life, there are some relationships we get into only for the ultimate transition out of them- is that the case here?

  • On your screen visualize your childhood self and your current self. Look into that relationship. How can you best serve your inner child? What does this relationship need? How can your inner child best serve you? What is the purpose of this relationship?

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