Fundamentals 2

Included in this module:


In this module, we’re adding the final fundamental building blocks to your psychic development foundation. You learned how to get neutral in Fun 1. You’re likely better able to identify when neutral and when charged now. While the psychic tools in Fun 1 help you release and resolve charge, the psychic tools here in Fun 2 help you prevent the charge. You’ll find these tools to be effective in maintaining your neutrality in a sustainable way.

When surveyed, most prospective students expressed interest in this course because they doubt themselves regularly and it interferes with clarity, direction and focus. For that reason, we wanted to offer you the decision-making psychic tool as early on in this course as possible. After learning how to release dust and radiate your diamond, you’re all ready to exercise your intuitive gifts and powers with every decision you make! This spirit-hack has been an incredible gift and confidence-booster, may it be of service to you!

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. The final lessons of this module are guided visualization that include all your new psychic tools! They each reinforce one another. I encourage you to create a ritual in employing them all. Think of it like the different parts to taking a shower- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash. All are helpful and while you could skip a few, you’re already in the shower and you’ll feel that much better doing a thorough job of addressing all the parts.

*About 20% of students experience some wonkiness at first. Their reading screen flips out, their grounding cord hops around, etc. Have fun with it. Laugh it off and then redirect energy. YOU are in charge here, not the energy. I’ve noticed this happens mostly with us empaths with poor boundaries. I couldn’t get my grounding cord, screen, sun or anything to do as I commanded for a good 6 months! Remember, practice makes permanence. The more you practice directing the energy the less the energy will mess with you and the more it will follow your guidance. It’s empowering!


Separation Tool




Your separation tool will prevent dust from settling onto your diamond. Instead, the dust settles into your separation tool. This tool will help you with energetic and psychological boundaries. It’ll make it so you’re you regardless of your situation or circumstance. Whether it’s chaos, sadness, joy, upset, outrage or whatever other feelings or thoughts you may be surrounded by, your separation tool will absorb the impact so you don’t have to. Similarly, it works to help the empath in you remain in your psychic center and not go down the rabbit holes life presents you.

Use your separation tool to help you feel safe as you walk the world. It’ll offer you a buffer between you and the world and you’ll experience a greater sense of where you end and the world begins. You’ll be a lighthouse and not an energy sponge.


To Use Your Separation Tool:

  1. Imagine an object of your choice 2-3 feet in front of you at the edge of your aura. See this object in as much detail as possible. What size is it? What color is it? What is the texture of the material of this object?

  2. Own this separation tool by placing an image of yourself in the center of it. See that image of yourself clearly in your separation tool as though it’s part of your separation tool. Now it’s working for you.

  3. Set your separation tool to work by simply watching it orbit around you. It’s that easy! As it orbits around you it’s picking up on the dust of the world so that you don’t have to and it’s keeping you grounded in your space.

Destroy Your Separation Tool:

Just like grounding cords, separation tools will lose efficacy the more dust they collect so it’s a good idea to destroy your separation tool and create a new one as needed.

  1. Send your separation tool far away from you and watch as it explodes into a million pieces until it disappears completely.

  2. Alternatively, you may burn your separation tool. As long as you see it disappear as though it never existed, you’re good to create your new one.

Suggested Practices

  • Set your separation tool to a one foot radius to orbit around you one day and see how you like that experience.

  • Set your separation tool to a three foot radius to orbit around you one day and see how you like that experience.

  • Play around with different object as your separation tool and see what fits you best.

  • Imagine multiple separation tools for a day and see how you like that experience.

  • Throughout the day see if you can watch colors from the world get absorbed into your separation tool - if there are sirens in the background or when people are complaining, watch those colors go into your separation tool.

  • Throughout the day see if you can tell every time your separation tool keeps you in your psychic space. Notice when you want to leave your psychic space and how your separation tool keeps you contained there.

  • Simply check in with your separation tool frequently. Keep site of it throughout the day. Watch as it orbits you.

Reading Screen



Following the theme of neutrality and as way to keep you energetically protected, use your reading screen to read energy. Your reading screen is your receptacle for psychic information. It’ll receive messages in the form of images so you get to sit back and observe from your psychic space as though you’re watching a movie. This keeps you neutral and in observation and not attached to the outcome of the imagery your screen is showing you, which keeps the messages accurate, relevant and helpful.

Use your reading screen to gain deeper insight into any of your questions. Trust what it reveals and know that, as with all the tools, practice makes permanence. It gets easier to read the messages on your screen the more you practice reading from your screen.



To Use Your Reading Screen:

  1. Out beyond your aura and separation tool at about 4 feet in front of you envision a screen to reflect your psychic information back to you in the form of images. Set up a beautiful reading screen you enjoy watching. It can look like a computer screen, projector screen, empty picture frame, crystal ball, or any other screen of your liking!

  2. Create a grounding cord at the bottom center of your beautiful reading screen and watch as your reading screen gets brighter.

  3. You’re all set to read! Take a closer look at anything you’re questioning on your reading screen. You can ask your reading screen questions like, “what is the lesson here?” and simply relax in your psychic space and watch what unveils. It gets easier and more detailed over time!

  4. To Destroy Your Reading Screen:

  5. Destroying your reading screen is like hanging up the psychic phone. It suggests the reading is over. This makes it so you have seniority in your gifts and talents. You are the one in charge of controlling the energy and the energy does not control you. Like other tools, creating a new each time you read also serves to increase efficacy.

  6. Simply watch your entire reading screen get sucked into its grounding cord and watch as the grounding cord retracts back into the center of the earth until it is gone completely.

Suggested Practices

  • Use the recording to guide you in checking in with your golden sun. Build your relationship with your reading screen by simply checking in with your golden sun each day and see if it changes or remains consistent over time?

  • Use your reading screen to read any energy you’re unclear on. Be sure to ground and get into your psychic space first. Then ask your reading screen questions and be open to it’s answers.

  • Use your reading screen to look into events from the past that you wish to see from a more elevated perspective. “What was the purpose in that?” “What was that experience to teach me?” “Why did my soul create this experience for me?”

  • Use your reading screen to look into the future and to learn how to best spiritual align with your desires. “What is in highest order for me?” “How can I best align with this vision?” “What action steps will keep me in integrity with this vision?”




Most students in nu it school have a hard time making decisions. As an empath, you may be reading all probable outcomes and consequences of every single decision, including how each decision affects others and filtering all that energy into your processing system can only add to confusion and indecision. Use this tool to get to the spirit of things. Use this simple tool to learn what decision your diamond would have you make. If interested, you can even learn why that’s the decision that will best support your path and purpose.



Simple Decision Making:

  1. From your psychic space looking out onto your reading screen, set up a red light and a green light. Green light suggests “yes” and red light suggests “no.”

  2. Distil your decision to a yes/no question and ask that question to your reading screen.

  3. Trust whatever it is you’re witnessing. If the green lights up, it’s a go! If the red lights up, it’s a nope.

  4. If interested in why and how this benefits you, ground out the lights from your reading screen so you’re looking at a blank reading screen and simply ask your screen. Trust whatever images you’re seeing or messages you’re receiving.


Thorough Decision Making:

  1. From your psychic space looking out onto your reading screen, set up 3 flowers. The flower on the left will represent the probable outcome of one option, while the flower on the right will represent the probable outcome of the other decision. The flower in the middle is a clearing flower and gets you back to neutral every time you visit it.

  2. Start by focusing on the flower in the middle. When your energy goes here your body first turns to mud. Feel every cell in your body as mud. Next, your body turns to gold light. Feel every cell in your body turn to gold light.

  3. Visit the flower on the left. Simply watch what the flower does. That’s it. Just watch.

  4. Go back to the flower in the center and experience your body as mud first and gold second.

  5. Visit the flower on the right. Simply watch what the flower does. That’s it. Just watch.

  6. Go back to the flower in the center and experience your body as mud first and gold second.

  7. Visit the flower on the left. Simply watch what the flower does. That’s it. Just watch.

  8. Go back to the flower in the center and experience your body as mud first and gold second.

  9. Visit the flower on the right. Simply watch what the flower does. That’s it. Just watch.

  10. Go back to the flower in the center and experience your body as mud first and gold second.

  11. Visit the flower on the left. Simply watch what the flower does. That’s it. Just watch.

  12. Go back to the flower in the center and experience your body as mud first and gold second.

  13. Visit the flower on the right. Simply watch what the flower does. That’s it. Just watch.

  14. Go back to the flower in the center and experience your body as mud first and gold second.

  15. From your psychic space, imagine all images on your reading screen going down the grounding cord of your reading screen.

  16. Watch as your reading screen retracts back into the earth.

By now one of two things have likely happened

  1. One of the flowers was the clear and obvious decision - it lit up, grew, danced all around or felt like joy and elatedness with each pass through while the other either wilted or stayed the same. It may have even given you a peek into what to expect with the outcome of that decision- greater peace, more meaningful relationships, effortless health, etc.

  2. Both flowers may have offered you similar messages suggesting wherever you go there you are. You are the common denominator in all your experiences and your experiences are an extension of you. This decision may not be as weighted as you had imagined. You create your destiny and this one decision only represents a single chapter in the bigger story book of your life. You can’t go wrong! This decision doesn’t make you or determine your future. You do.

Fun Practices

The following recordings combine a blend of your fundamental psychic tools. Practice makes permanence. Please do listen to them to flow through the tools and gain a deeper experiential understanding of them.

Simple Practice (33:55 MIN)

Thorough Practice (58:40 min)

Spiritual Growing Pains


Spiritual Growing Pains are REAL. Watch this video to find out why and how they work. If you’re experiencing one, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been shifting so much energy that your body is needing an extra moment to catch up with your spirit. Fabulous work!

You may be extra sensitive to other people right now. You’re still figuring out your new self. Because it is all so new, there is a huge innate primal desire to protect it. When others represent the past you or display behaviors that reflect your past self (complaints, gossip, obligations, poor boundaries, people pleasing, etc.) it can be triggering. You just left that world and have more history in that world than your new world. When you were a part of that world, you may not have noticed how toxic these behaviors were. They were common and familiar. Now you’re here, the contrast between you and them/you and there is a little greater and so you’re noticing all these things you may not have noticed before. Your environment hasn’t changed, you have.

While you appreciate this change, you haven’t built history in it, yet. You don’t know to trust it, yet. It’s still new and that’s why you’re as protective of it- that’s why others will trigger you a bit more. They may feel like a threat to your new existence. Keep doing the work and you’ll vibrate even higher, build history and trust in the new you and others won’t be as triggering. You’ll be so far away from them metaphysically that their behaviors won’t feel like a threat to your inner peace. You’ll get to observe them from your psychic space as though you’re watching reality TV. Keep up the excellent work and your psychic space won’t feel as new, it won’t be a meditation tool, it’ll be your way of existence and neutrality will be your baseline.

Here are common Growing Pains or Ascension Symptoms:

  • headache, stomachache, body aches

  • nausea

  • irritability, agitation, lack of tolerance for others

  • lethargy, fatigue

  • sadness, weepiness

  • flu-like symptoms

  • brain fog

If you’re experiencing any of these or simply a generalized feeling of disconnection, fragmentation, or like things are “off” definitely BE PROUD OF YOURSELF and take it as an invitation to rest. Indulging in your five senses will help ground spirit into body.

Suggested Practices

  • Smell your favorite smells- adorn your home with flowers, burn your favorite incense, apply or diffuse essential oils (ylang ylang is great for re-aligning!)

  • Touch is important. Have conscious sex, wear you favorite feeling clothes, pet your own skin, enjoy a massage, dry skin brush.

  • Eat healthy foods that welcome your spirit to reside in your body. Leafy greens are especially great for what you’re experiencing, as is dark chocolate.

  • Exercise moves qi (your life force energy) throughout your body, making it more comfy for your spirit to settle in.

  • Sleep! You’re likely a little extra sleepy right now, so please do sleep a little extra! We do so much spiritual work when asleep. Listen to the astral travel module to maximize sleep time.

  • Meditation will move qi throughout your body, as well. Running energy is especially great for you right now.

Remember, the only constant is change. The average Growing Pain lasts about one week and they range from just a couple of days to a few weeks. They’re temporary and the rewards are permanent. I’m proud of you! I hope you’re proud of you, too!

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