Psychic Readings


You’re here! Your diamond is bright and shiny and void of any dust! You are intuitive and you know it! You are significant and you matter. You were born intuitive and you know and feel that now! Let’s apply your gifts and talents to help you better understand anything and everything in life! From your psychic space, looking out onto your reading screen, you can read the energy of anything you wish! Since your analytical mind has become a well developed muscle, it may want to come in and interject your intuitive mind. That’s completely natural and will soon fade once your intuitive mind is more developed. The best way to develop this new muscle of yours is to use it!

We read through matching pictures. Meaning you can only see something that you have an energetic match with. If your energy field cannot conceive it, you surely won’t be able to read it. For this reason many psychics may see completely different messages for the same person and all messages may be equally as accurate. May the concept of matching pictures help you feel more confident in your unique pictures and areas of expertise. May it also remind you to completely disconnect after readings. Matching pictures can validate our own story, which may be both enticing and triggering. Either way, it can create a charge in our system, which won’t serve us. Disconnecting with the three balloons prevents the charge from happening.




For most, this is more challenging than reading others. It gets easier over time! And it may be easiest to start by reading situations or events that involve you first before reading into yourself, space and psyche. If you’re surprised by the images on your screen, then you’re doing it right! I can’t tell you how many times I went into a reading completely certain of what I would see, thinking I was just affirming all I already knew and BOOM the feedback is nothing I anticipated. Sometimes you know you’re neutral when the images don’t make sense to you.

Should you be able to master this psychic tool, it can be wildly helpful for you in all aspects of life! I’ve said it before- practice makes permanence! I’ve noticed most students are picking up on psychic information very accurately but then will doubt it. Especially if the information comes in too easily. Think of the first year or so of doing this work as an internship or something. It’s all practice for practice sake. Simply logging in the hours will both strengthen your intuition and serve to increase your confidence in your gifts. You’re intuitive. You may kind of know it now. Continue practicing and you’ll definitely know it. Within about a year, life starts to reflect your intuitive insight back to you. Let’s say you choose where to live by using the decision making exercise. You won’t know why that location was so perfect for you until some time has passed and its proven the reading to be accurate. Give it time. The proof is coming and the confidence will follow. The intuition is already there.



Here’s How to Read Yourself:

  1. From your psychic space look out onto your reading screen.

  2. Ask your reading screen anything you wish to know and be open to the imagery that appears. You may hear or automatically know the answer before you see it and that’s fine. Trust whatever the answer is.

  3. You can use any of your psychic tool protocols to look further into any energy that confuses you- decision making, reading relationships, past lives, cords, chakras, etc. You can envision all of that on your screen to offer you some distance from the information so you more accurately see it and receive it’s wisdom.

  4. Once complete, send everything on your reading screen down its grounding cord.

  5. Have your reading screen retract into the earth.

  6. Fill in with a golden sun.




Often times the more we read others, the easier it becomes to read ourselves.

Consent is everything! Please remember to always ask permission first. Many of you know I love gifting homeless people golden suns and grounding cords. I always ask for psychic permission before doing so. I mostly receive “yes, please!” but when I do receive the occasional “no,” I honor it. We must honor free will. It’s part of remaining neutral and will only hone your intuition. Should someone not want a reading or healing and you impose your will onto them, you’re actually reading through an energy cord and not from your psychic space. It can limit both parties moving forward and be inaccurate.

Consent is great and an exchange is better. Should someone offer you something in return for the reading and healing, it gets their skin in the game. It helps them invest in their own journey and they’ll get more out of it that way. That action sends a signal to them and the universe that they are absolutely open and accepting to the reading and they are taking ownership of the healing. This is when readings are of service.

Whether the readee is offering you tea, a meal, money, or bartering for a service, the exchange benefits you both. It will serve to protect you so that you don’t feel drained from readings, because it was a mutual exchange and you didn’t give more than you received. It will also keep you neutral, like, “you signed up for this and offered me access into your energy space! I’m just narrating what I see! The information is all yours, I’m simply the messenger” rather than reading through a power dynamic or energy cord that can leave you a little drained, possibly resentful, like, “You asked for this and now you’re not going to do what I’m seeing for you? Why did I just waste my time?” or you seeing through projection and stagnant cord energy that’s entirely inaccurate rather than reading the love that’s there. Should you impose a reading on others, it’s like suggesting they’re a victim and powerless and the reading may reinforce that filter or association. Should your readee invest in their reading, it implies personal power and the reading will reflect that back to all parties involved.


Here’s How to Read Others:

  1. Have your readee keep their eyes open and legs uncrossed. This makes it easier for you to see them as their energy is super present and clear.

  2. From your neutral space looking out onto your reading screen, have your readee say “hello” or their name three times and be witness to what color of flower appears on your screen.

    • If there are multiple colors, have the predominate one remain and ground out the rest of the colors (those tend be other energies in the readee’s field)

    • Turn the dominate color up a notch – make it shinier and brighter to represent the readee’s next step. This way you’ll be providing them with insight that is beyond the obvious. We’re here to help guide and provide all the “why’s” and “how to’s” of their energy field and karmic path.

    • Take that new color on your screen and match your crown chakra at the very top of your head to it. This will help you be in alignment with them and provide them with self-actualization intuitive insights.

  3. Most people desire readings when they’re confused and they come equipped with questions. This is nice because they’re engaged and their energy is focused, making it a bit easier to read. Let them ask away and all you have to do is narrate all you’re seeing on your screen. Let them know why you’re seeing what you’re seeing and what it all means.

  4. If you’re having a tough time seeing them, keep having them repeat their name, make sure you’re grounded, pop balloons on the side of your screen and remember your amusement tool. You may want to start by reading their root chakra, as it’s the heaviest energy and will be the easiest to read. If they don’t have questions, go up the chakras from root to crown and let them know what you see.

  5. Helpful questions for your reading screen are: “Why is this happening? What is the lesson in this? How can we learn from this? How do we prevent this pattern from repeating itself? What affirmation or thought would be helpful for them to hear and integrate into their being?”

  6. Once the reading is complete, offer your readee a golden sun.

  7. Next, have everything on your reading screen go down the grounding cord of your screen.

  8. Have your reading screen retract back into the earth’s center.

How to Disconnect After Reading Others:

From your psychic space, send a balloon out to where your reading screen used to be to absorb any of your energy left behind. Once the balloon is all the way full, send that balloon to the side of the room and pop it.

Bring a balloon into your space from where the screen used to be to absorb all your readee’s energy left behind. After the balloon is all the way full, send it to the side of the room and pop it.

Create a third balloon in between you and where the screen used to be to absorb any matching pictures or lingering thoughts. When it’s full, send it to the side of the room and pop it.

Gift yourself a Golden Sun.

Suggested Practices

  • Set a timer and read yourself for only 5 minutes. This will make it so your analytical mind doesn’t get too engaged. It will be fast and to the point and help you push both the start and the stop button on readings.

  • Sit and read yourself for 20 minutes to allow for a more thorough understanding of what’s on your screen.

  • Make it a regular practice (weekly or twice a week) to read yourself in meditation. This way when you actually need a reading in real time (you have a major decision to make in just 20 minutes, you’re in uncomfortable energy, etc.) this muscle is well-developed and you can call on it instantaneously.

  • Check in with your reading screen before making any decisions big or small to help you create a habit in choosing from your diamond and not the dust.

  • We learn through contrast. Find a few people to practice your psychic skills on. You may rotate through your case studies so you’re always reading new energy.

  • Set a timer and read another for just 5 minutes. This will help you own and trust all you’re seeing and saying.

  • If possible, offer readings in a line of fire. Pick 3-5 friends and assign them time slots; 1:30, 1:40, 1:50. Whether in person or over the phone, dedicate 5-10 minutes to reading each friend. Remember to disconnect with the balloons after each reading and move along to the next one. This will keep spirit moving and won’t offer your mind a chance to interject.

  • With psychic permission, start reading people in your environment for great practice. While stuck in traffic, look at the cars around you- what color auras do you see the drivers as? Or while on the train, can you scan for people’s chakras and tell which is overactive and which is under-active? Start using these tools with eyes open for a deeper connection with life.

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