Source Healings


Use this module to connect with universal energies far greater than your own. Energies even greater than running energy. In this module, you’ll truly join forces with the divine and allow supernatural powers to heal you, protect you and serve you. This is one of the last modules because these tools can only be accessed through your diamond. Utilizing these tools from the dust or ego will simply not work. You’d be going through the motions and not actually receiving the magic. You’re ready now. Allow the universe to have your back.




Download this golden force into the depths of your being for miraculous healing, inspiration, passion and purpose. This energy is so potent, powerful and transformative, it requires your spirit guide as a buffer to ground the energy into you. You cannot access it alone. It’s channelled from outside the earth’s atmosphere, meaning that its chemical composition hasn’t broken down to something that makes sense for our material forms, yet. We’re going directly to source and you’ll feel it!

You know how billions of stars had to die to become us? (Stars literally die for us! I’m not crying, you’re crying!) Us running stardust through our veins would likely kill us, but after hundreds of thousands of years of decomposition, the stardust is like medicine in our veins. Source healings take us straight to the source. They channel that stardust before any of the decomposition has happened- think IV injection of herbs, vitamins or supplements vs. ingesting these healing allies. If you’ve ever had a vitamin drip, you’ll know what I’m talking about it. It’s almost like taking your supplements in pill, powder or liquid form is laughable after that! The drip makes you feel like a superhero instantaneously!

This psychic tool is powerful and instantaneously effective. It’s been described as unconditional love energy, universal love energy and the energy of miracles. Experience it for yourself!



Download Your Source Healing

  1. From your psychic space, plug your spirit guide into your arm psychic channels from elbow to wrist.

  2. Ask your spirit guide to start the download! They’ll first connect with the golden grid energy that hovers outside the earth’s atmosphere and turn completely gold.

  3. Once your spirit guide is completely full, the overflow will start to fill you up- first your arms, then up to your head and down to your toes until you become all gold.

  4. You’ll know when you’re completely full. Most experience a slight nod or rocking sensation. Some feel super alert. Some feel incredibly peaceful. You’ll know and your spirit guide will know. It usually takes only a few minutes.

  5. Ask your spirit guide to disconnect from the golden grid. The gold will begin to fade out.

  6. You may have your spirit guide now disconnect or keep them plugged in. Enjoy the miracle consciousness!

To Gift a Source Healing in Person:

  1. From your psychic space, plug your spirit guide into your arm psychic channels from elbow to wrist.

  2. Ask your spirit guide to start the download! They’ll first connect with the golden grid energy that hovers outside the earth’s atmosphere and turn completely gold.

  3. Once your spirit guide is completely full, the overflow will start to fill you up- first your arms, then up to your head and down to your toes until you become all gold. Take a moment to fill all the way in and then your overflow will be channeled into your beloved.

  4. Ask the person receiving the source healing if it’s okay to lay your hands on their shoulders. This is easiest if they’re sitting in a chair and you’re standing behind them. Place your hands on their shoulders and experience the gold spilling out of your palms and filling this person in from their shoulders up to their head and down to their toes.

  5. You’ll both know when the recipient is full. They may nod or rock or you’ll both just feel it. At that time, you’ll simply asking your spirit guide to disconnect from the grid. Once disconnected, you may take your hands off. The healing is complete!

To Gift a Distance Source Healing:

  1. From your psychic space looking out onto your reading screen, bring up an image of the recipient onto your reading screen. Imagine them sitting in a chair.

  2. Call in their spirit guide and now see their spirit guide standing alongside them.

  3. Ask their spirit guide to plug into their arm psychic channels.

  4. Ask their spirit guide to connect to the golden force grid and watch as their spirit guide turns to gold.

  5. Once their spirit guide is completely gold, watch as the overflow spills into the recipient going up their arms into their head and then down their body until they are all gold.

  6. Hold the healing for as long as it feels appropriate.

  7. Once complete, simply have their spirit guide disconnect from the golden grid.

  8. Once all the gold has left, you may have their spirit guide unplug and connect the spirit guide with source by bringing down a golden column of light that will ascend back up into the sky, taking their spirit guide with it.

  9. Have your recipient and anything on your reading screen go down the grounding cord of your reading screen.

  10. Have your reading screen retract back into the earth’s center and enjoy the peace of your psychic space.

Suggested Practices:

  • With consent, gift a distance source healing.

  • With consent gift an in-person source healing.

  • Gift yourself a source healing every day for week.

  • When you’re feeling especially tired or discouraged, gift yourself a source healing and experience what happens.

  • When you’re feeling especially elated and like life couldn’t be any better, gift yourself a source healing and experience what happens.




Maria beings HOLD SPACE. Their power is in their presence. They’ll carry you when you can’t carry yourself. They’re especially useful in desperate times- with tragedies, injuries, life-threatening experiences, etc. They will reign over that experience and hold your desired intention until the experience is over. All you have to do is assign a Maria Being to a specific location for a clear time commitment and the Maria will take it from there. Trust them to support you and yours in ways us mortals can not.


Set Up a Maria Being:

  1. From your psychic space, pick a corner of the location your Maria Being will be residing and ask your Maria to get here now.

  2. Let your Maria know your intention for this assignment. “My friend is battling cancer, will you please help her feel safe and loved during this process? Will you please reduce or omit entirely her suffering?”

  3. Maria Beings with specific locations and specific time structures. Let your Maria Being know when this contract is complete? You may offer her a specific date like January 11, 2020. Or the completion could be marked by a specific event, “Please stay with her until she leaves the hospital.” or “Please stay with her until all the cancer is gone.”

  4. Thank the Maria and trust her to hold space! It’s her only job- she’s got this!

Suggested Practices:

  • These entities are not to be misused or devalued. Please only use when feeling dire or desperate, whether setting one up for yourself or others.

  • Frequently used moments:

    • Mental health concerns

    • Physical health concerns

    • Financial concerns

    • End of life

    • Crisis

    • Trauma

    • Challenging transitions




Used this tool to remove known and unknown obstacles from your path. This psychic tool will help you see your path with greater clarity allow you to keep committed to it with grace and integrity. Use your erasure tool to remove self-sabotage energy from your path so you may feel more aligned with your purpose in every step. Use it to remove external variables and energy dynamics that may be hindering your growth and blocking your flow.

Remember, we’re releasing karmic obstacles, here. They may be subtle and you may not even be aware of them. Use this tool when life is rough and experience things easing up. Use this tool when things are going your way to stay ahead of the obstacles and sustain your easy stride through life.


Erase Obstacles From Your Path:

  1. Imagine yourself in a dome with no windows and no doors.

  2. Look for snakes, spiders, or rats. They tend to come in pairs.

  3. For every snake, spider, or rat you see, create it’s exact duplicate along side of it.

  4. Superimpose the duplicate image on top of the original creature. This erases the creature and so that there is nothing left.

  5. Should only a portion of the creature disappears when you superimpose the duplicate, create another duplicate image of the entire original image and superimpose it on the remaining portions of the original creature.

  6. Continue erasing creatures until there are none left in your dome.

  7. Look for a crack or a hole in your dome and patch it up.

  8. From your psychic space, destroy the dome so it disappears completely.

Suggested Practices

  • When first utilizing this psychic tool, use it daily for a week. It’s like spring cleaning. You’ll want to get thorough and go deep at first.

  • After the first week of use, see if you notice a difference in your days. Take note of its influence on the accomplishment of your goals.

  • Once you’re in the practice of using your erasure tool, weekly check-ins tend to be adequate in keeping ahead of the obstacles. Incorporate the doom as part of a weekly ritual in your meditation practice.

  • Should you desire to dedicate an entire meditation sitting to only this tool, doing this during the equinox and/or solstice is best. It’s like joining forces with nature and will serve to magnify the effects of this tool. These transitions are really powerful and tend to stir things up- clear out your dome so there’s less to stir up for you. You could do a thorough clearing seasonally, bi-annually or annually during these charged times (listed below).

    • March 21- Spring Equinox

    • June 21-Summer Solstice

    • September 23- Fall Equinox

    • December 21- Winter Solstice

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