Akashic Records



If you’re facing a challenge and having a hard time finding the courage to overcome this limitation, you can download yourself with an akashic record where you had mastered this one thing. Your akashic records will allow you to download insight and sensationtional experiences from other lives so that wisdom becomes a close memory in your body and not a distant memory.

Your akashic records are a catalogue of all the emotions, experiences, and events your soul has experienced. From financial freedom to physical fitness, we’ve all done it all. Remember that part in you to become that you again.

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To Download Your Akashic Records:

  1. From your psychic space look for the huge white door.

  2. Open the door and ascend up the ten white spiral steps.

  3. Open the huge white door at the top of the staircase and follow the path before you through your enchanted garden.

  4. Your path will lead you to a wide open field. In the distance you’ll see the Hall of Records.

  5. As you approach the Hall of Records, you’ll notice your spirit guide waiting outside of it to greet you.

  6. Go up the 3 steps and walk between the columns through the double doors.

  7. Have your spirit guide direct you to your Room of Records, where all your soul’s records are stored.

  8. When you arrive at your room, you can greet your akashic record keeper and thank them for looking after your records.

  9. You may ask your akashic record keeper to heal your records.

  10. You may download information from your records by simply asking your akashic record keeper for the most beneficial files for you now. If there’s a specific feeling or experience you’d prefer to tap into or download, you may ask for that.

  11. To download:

    • Your spirit guide will hold the appropriate record in their right hand.

    • Your spirit guide will connect with you using their free arm. Their left arm will plug into your left arm from elbow to wrist.

    • Let the download begin! Immediately, you’ll start accessing the wisdom, sensations, and memory from this record.

    • A thought bubble or a window will show up to display to you the exact details of this record OR you may simply be standing there in your Room of Records experiencing and feeling it all happen.

  12. When you are ready to leave, you can have your spirit guide hand your record back to your record keeper and unplug your spirit guide..

  13. Your spirit guide will guide you towards the double doors of the Hall of Records.

  14. Leave through the double doors, through the columns, down the three steps and out into the field.

  15. You can leave your spirit guide here for now and have them plug in once you’re back in your psychic space if you wish.

  16. Follow your path back through your garden and through your white door, down the spiral staircase and back into your psychic space, closing the door behind you.

Suggested Practices

  • Enjoy a day in the Hall of Records. Remember, you’ll need your spirit guide to help you open doors and all. Once you’re in the Hall, feel free to run around and explore it! You won’t be allowed into anyone else’s Rooms, but it’s such a fun, rich experience just going through the different halls and up and down the stairs.

  • Pick a day to download a specific record you’re interested in – be it a specific feeling, experience, way of being you’re looking to manifest in this lifetime. After the download, see if anything shifts in upcoming weeks.

  • Pick a day where you ask your akashic record keeper to pick the most beneficial record for you at that time. See how this goes - look for shifts in the weeks following the download.

  • Download an akashic record any time there’s something you’d like to master, knowing you’ve already mastered it before and this will serve to help you master it again.

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