(These recordings will cover all 3 rules to manifesting. For more on this topic, please enjoy this manifestation YouTube series.)

The first recording introduces your new psychic tool.

The practice recording offers you a new recording to practice your new tool with.

The fun recording includes the fundamental psychic tools as well as your new tool.


I’ve distilled manifesting down to 3 simple rules.
Here they are and why:


    Desire suggests self-worth. To desire the romance, the promotion, the home, etc. suggests you feel worthy of it. How wonderful! In this way desire can serve in bringing out the best in you. Often desire will inspire us to rise to meet its level of consciousness. It can keep us accountable for our growth and ascension.

    (Side note: You can totally be grateful for all you’ve got AND desire more.)


    I mean it. None. Whether you manifest this experience or not, you don’t care. Ultimately you give zero fucks about this desired outcome. Infinite possibilities exist in neutrality. They exist when we trust in the process, execute your power and surrender control.

    Example A:
    “I desire that new home, I will do my best to get that new home and also that’s not my entire identity. I’m proud of myself for budgeting and thinking differently and my current home is cute so this isn’t urgent.”

    Example B:
    “I want that new home and I just won’t feel good about myself until I get it. No matter this desire elevates my life, I won’t feel like I’ve won until I attain this one specific thing.”

    In Example A, the focus is on your light! Your efforts and all your growth. Example A displays unconditional love – my love and respect for myself are not conditional to this home.

    In Example B, you’re giving your power away. The focus is on the outcome and external validation, affects of the ego. You’re only offering yourself love upon the condition you get this home.

    Example A is a display of abundance being. It opens you up to receive. You’ll live life as though everything is rigged in your favor and surely you’ll find it is.

    Example B is a display of fear and limitations. This person is not actually that open to receiving - even though all they want is to receive! Should you manifest from this place, you still wouldn’t be satisfied. You’d move into the house and need all the right furniture and feel like a failure because of your car or something else outside of you. The dissatisfaction continues. In this example, you’re a victim to circumstance.

    In Example A, your manifestation is an extension of you. You recognize your life as a mirror of yourself.

    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi

    Heal yourself and your whole life will heal.

    Each manifestation will be another cherry on the cake but not your entire identity. Example a focuses on the being and not the doing. This suggests you’re already perfect, whole and complete and so everything you manifest feels like greater magic! You’re coming from abundance, not lack. Everything from this perspective reinforces abundance and so manifesting is joyous.

    How to give no fucks about your desires:

    • Give thanks not fucks! Gratitude is the fastest way to walk in love-consciousness. Give thanks for everything and you’ll naturally detach from the outcome of your desires.

    • Healing Past Trauma! I said it in that module and I’ll say it in this one, too. Our subconscious mind is stronger than our conscious and will limit us in ways we may not even be aware of. Heal past trauma so you’re aligned with abundance and not associations and charged energy that could be causing you to place too much emphasis on this desire.

  3. Accept & RECEIVE

    Just say yes when your manifestation comes through. Don’t question it so much. You’ll remember your third chakra is your hustle chakra and your crown chakra is your self-actualization chakra. As you do this work, you’re activating your crown chakra. Things align faster and you start manifesting from your crown (less hustle, more ease). Let it be easy. Just say yes to your dreams coming true!



Manifestation Visualization:

  1. From your psychic space look out onto your reading screen.

  2. First, create a scene in which you are receiving your manifestation. Really go there! View the image in as much detail as possible and engage all 5 senses. What colors are you seeing, what smells, what sounds? Really take in the location. Are you alone, with others? What time of day is it? What are you wearing?

  3. After setting up the scene, imagine yourself actualizing this desire. So, you’re receiving whatever it is you're creating – car, inner-peace, winning the race, etc.

  4. How do you feel when you receive it? What do you do? How does this impact your life? Can you feel it? Try and tap into this feeling as though it’s happening right now.

  5. Bring in gratitude for all you already have, and for this manifestation. Gratitude is a very strong and powerful vibration that helps create more to be grateful for.

  6. Notice a cork to the bottom right of your screen and unplug it. Watch as it drains out all the sabotage energy of other people. Watch all your self-sabotage energy drain out of your reading screen.

  7. When all this energy is drained out, re-plug this cork.

  8. Notice the cork on the bottom left of your screen and unplug it. Watch as it drains out all the sabotage energy of other people.

  9. Re-plug this cork when it is done draining.

  10. Create a “havingness gauge” from 0%-100%. It can look like an odometer, thermometer, or timeline, with 0% on one end and 100% on the other end.

  11. View your havingness gauge to see how willing you are to accept this as your reality. If it is not already at 100%, set it at 100%.

  12. To end, you have 3 options, pick the one that resonates with you for this particular manifestation:

    • You may watch the image float off into space until you can no longer see it.

    • You can bring it into your chest and heart chakra.

    • You can plant it in the earth and water it daily.

Suggested Practices

  • Start small and detached- pick benign things to manifest to start working this muscle.

  • If you’re using this visualization repeatedly, change something up about your manifestation each time. For example, if you’re manifesting a home, switch up how many bedrooms it has or what color it is or what neighborhood it’s in. This will work the give no fucks rule. You’ll be learning the erasure tool in module 13. Repetition actually erases karma and so repeating the same exact manifestation over and over again can actually serve to erase it and not materialize it.

  • Go big and get really excited about manifesting it ALL to tap into that abundance consciousness of unconditional love!

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