Fundamentals 1

Included in this module:


Each of these lessons is designed to help you get neutral and maintain neutrality.

Simply put, when neutral, we’re observing and not reacting. When we’re reacting, we’re responding to life from our dust- past associations, past trauma, unresolved feelings, limiting beliefs, defense mechanisms, etc. You are not your story. When we’re neutral, we’re responding to life from our diamond- personal values, original thoughts, our own morals and ethics, our uniqueness and sparkle. This way, our entire life can be a reflection of our diamond. Authenticity is a byproduct of neutrality.

You’ll know you’re neutral when you’re detached from the outcome of any situation. It feels like peace and trust. Let’s say you’re one of 3 candidates for a position- you really want the position and you feel worthy of it. Still, you don’t get it. When neutral, you’re not bummed; you have an elevated perspective that knows everything is in divine order. If you’re coming from your dust, you may take the same exact situation as rejection, you may feel unloved or undervalued. You may take it a little too personally and get unnecessarily upset. Life’s just easier when you’re neutral. You’re bigger than your situations and your situations don’t define you.

Intuition is a natural byproduct of neutrality. Be the person you were before dust settled on your diamond. Lose your neutrality and you’re losing yourself, which is completely natural. Just use these psychic tools, dust yourself off and get neutral again.

Here’s How It Works

We are all made of energy, right? Our cellular components broken down into the simplest particles can be simply described as energy.

Energy is in constant motion. Just like the planets are in constant motion, so are our atoms and cells.

With all life being in constant motion, this means we are constantly exchanging energy with our environment and all the people in it. We tend to do this unconsciously. In this class we will be doing this consciously to psychically read ourselves and others.

As basic as DNA, we each have our own unique energy that defines us and fuels us. YOUR energy is the best fuel for YOUR body. My energy is the best fuel for my body. Bob’s energy is the best fuel for Bob’s body, etc..You get the point.

 When I talk to Bob, I take on some Bob energy, and Bob takes on some Deganit energy. It’s how we connect. It’s totally natural and happens all the time.

We do this all day long, exchanging energies with people, places, pets, events, and more. So much so, that often times by the end of the day, we tend to be fueled by energy that is not our own. And our own personal energy may be fueling someone else’s body and life-experience!  

This is when we start to feel disempowered, exhausted, nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, foggy, off, and so on. Most of all we may feel confused or uncertain.

Why? It’s simple. We’re functioning using energy that’s not appropriate for our unique bodies and biochemical composition. 

Remember how I said YOUR energy works best for YOU?

When we function off our own personal source energy, we feel great, vital, confident, clear, certain, like our best selves. Our personal energy fuels, sustains us, heals us.

Energy that is not ours just can’t compare. It’s like using low-grade oil in a car that requires premium oil. Sure, it still runs, but not nearly as efficiently or effectively as it is capable of. Prolonged use of low-grade oil can compromise the car’s system and lead to all sortsa problems.  

We are just the same. We require our own personal fuel. When we don’t run off our personal energy fuel, it compromises our system. It can create lots of confusion, indecision, insecurities, jealousy, inadequacy thoughts, and so much more! In extreme cases it can lead to some major health problems!

During this course you’ll learn how to recognize what’s yours and what’s not yours. With that clarity comes some MAJOR CLARITY!!! Major breakthroughs on who you are, what you desire, how to make manifest all your dreams and more! 

Without all of everyone else’s stuff clouding your vision, you’ll be clair-voyant = able to see clearly. It’s our natural state, really. We’re just de-cluttering our third eye so it can function optimally for us.

 Love is all there is. This course gets you back to the love. You’ll love yourself. You’ll love your life. You’ll walk in love an allow the infinite possibilities of the universe to offer themselves to you. You’ll recognize them as you recognize yourself - as love. 

We will be creating and recreating those intuitive pathways so as to make it ultra easy for you to access them on the spot!

We will be visualizing a whole lot in this course. Why? Just building that muscle first. The more we work the visualization muscle, the easier it will be to receive intuitive messages as images. We’ll use our clairvoyance (clear vision) to translate energy into messages- as to empower and benefit ourselves and our loved ones.

Your Grounding Cord



Your grounding cord is an energetic vehicle that connects you with the center of the earth. It’s an extension of your root chakra, kind of like your tail bone grows into a hollow tube all the way down into the earth’s core. Being that the tube is hollow and we live on planet earth where the law of gravity exists (as a downward pull towards the earth’s center), as gravity runs through your grounding cord, it creates a gentle vacuum that pulls unwanted energies out of your space.


What are unwanted energies? Where do they go?

The energy that works best for you is your own source energy. When it’s neutral, it serves as your personal power. Should your own energy be charged, it can be both taxing and confusing. Charged energy comes with associations, assumptions and assigned values rooted in your ego and analytical mind. For example, if you grew up with the understanding that something as simple as red lipstick is “bad,” then every time you see red lipstick (which has no charge at all whatsoever on it’s own), your mind and energy field goes to “bad.” Bad is an assigned value. It has nothing to do with red lipstick but now your mind is going there and your body is responding to it as a charge and it creates an entire cascade of physiological effects that have nothing to do with red lipstick or the person wearing it. Yet, because of this charge in your system, you could be interacting with a person wearing red lipstick and not be powerfully present to the actual exchange. This could be someone you would normally resonate with but on account of the charge, there are alarms going off within that prohibit you from actually exchanging with the energy that is. What you’re exchanging with is that charged energy within.

Should you ground out colors, you’ll have a better chance of meeting the person wearing the lipstick where they’re at. Grounding is like wiping the slate clean of any past associations, charged energies or knee-jerk physiological reactions. After grounding, your most neutral self can take the exchange in fully and completely and decide in real time if this exchange or person resonates with you, rather than projecting your past onto them and thereby creating reoccurring patterns, behaviors and thought processes that keep adding layers of dust to your diamond.

In general, energy is great! We need it to live! It’s just that charged energy comes with a cost so we release it to the earth so it becomes energy fertilizer. The earth will take that energy and neutralize it and put it to better use. Einstein taught us that energy is neither created nor destroyed. We’re simply recycling and repurposing it. When you use your grounding cord you’ll experience the difference between being fueled by charged energy and fueled by neutral energy. This is an experiential course - please do create your own relationship with each of these tools, make them your own and learn how what they do for you by practicing them.

grounding cord.png


To Create a Grounding Cord:

  1. Envision a hollow tube made of any material of your choice that extends from you at hip level down into the earth’s center. Visualize that tube now. What is it made out of? What color is it? How thick are the walls? What is the diameter of your grounding cord today?

  2. Scan your Grounding Cord for holes, tears, or gaps. If you see any, simply mend them. Energy follows intention.

  3. Be sure your Grounding Cord is directly beneath you. (In the beginning it may do funny things- that’s just energy talking to you. YOU are in charge, keep making it do what you want it to and it’ll wait to talk to you on your reading screen).

  4. Acknowledge gravity running through your Grounding Cord. It will feel like a vacuum or downward pull.

  5. Be certain your Grounding Cord is anchored into the earth’s center. Look down and scan your cord to make sure it’s attached to you, it’s solid all the way through, and it’s anchored into the earth.

To Use Your Grounding Cord:

  1. Start by sending colors down your grounding cord. Watch as the color leaves your body and space and makes its way to the top of your grounding cord. Once at the top of your grounding cord, the color is sucked right down into the earth’s center.

  2. Watch the colors go from the top of your grounding cord down and into the center of the earth. Can you feel the difference within yourself after letting the colors go?

  3. If you’d like to assign values to colors you may do so through the power of suggestion. For example, you can imagine all judgement energy as the color green and send the green down your grounding cord.

  4. If you’d like to take a closer look at the charges in your space, you may do so. You can scan your space for a color and when you find the color take note of its presence. Ask it why it’s there, how long it’s been there for, and why you feel as comfortable carrying it around with you. Sometimes the insight comes through after the release of the color. When the color is gone, take note of how you feel and what changed. This may help you better understand what space it was taking up.

  5. Most empaths (yup, you :)) carry other people’s energy in their space. Let go of other people by imagining them as colors and send that color down your grounding cord.

To Destroy Your Grounding Cord:

Your grounding cord will accumulate energy with each use, which will ultimately reduce its efficacy. It’s a good idea to destroy your grounding cord regularly (daily, weekly) and create a new one for maximum efficacy.

  1. Detach your grounding cord from yourself and simply watch as it retracts back into the earth. It’s that easy!

  2. When creating a new grounding cord, you’re absolutely welcome to use the same material again, or you may experiment with something new.

Suggested Practices

  • Plants are constantly grounding. Their roots are natural grounding cords. Find a tree, park, or garden full of plants and practice your grounding cord there. Because that space is so grounded, it’s often easier. Being surrounded by grounded beings reinforces your grounding cord and connection to the earth.

  • Pick a week where you use the same grounding cord all week and take note of how that feels and when you may want to practice weekly grounding.

  • Pick a week where you use a different grounding cord each day and take note of how that feels and when you may want to practice daily grounding.

  • Pick a day where you’re aware of your grounding cord all day long and using it in real time. As someone is speaking to you, ground out their energy and your reaction to their energy while your eyes are open and you’re mid conversation.

  • Pick a day to use your environmental cues as invitation to ground. For city dwellers, you may choose to ground out colors every time you hear a car horn. See what happens.

  • Try out different sized grounding cords to see what size best suites you. As you grow and change your desires and grounding requirements will change, too. What diameter grounding cord feels best to you now?

  • Try out different materials for your grounding cord to see learn you enjoy best. If you like grounding, you’ll do it more often. Choose a material you like and enjoy using. Play around with different materials to learn if you’re the type that thrives with diversity and options or with consistency and predictability?

Grounding Locations



“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” - Rumi

Grounding locations releases stagnant energies from the space so that life flows through there. It’s kind of like exercise for a space. It serves to clear out the old and welcome the new. It offers a blessing for the location and benefits all living beings in that space. Grounding locations will also reinforce your grounding cord. When you don’t ground locations, chances are your own personal grounding cord will end up doing all that work for the space and for other people. Ground locations so that they feel healthier and it’s easier for you to be there and to maximize the efficacy of your own personal grounding cord.

While grounding locations serves as a healing for all, you may also own a location to help your sense of belonging there. Owning a location is like setting it to your benefit your unique energy frequency. It’s like tuning into your favorite channel or show. It helps you feel like you belong there and it reinforces your path. It helps you feel safe, at peace and welcome. Multiple people can own the same space. There’s plenty of room for all! And all will feel just as supported by the space. You owning a space does not limit others from owning it.

Matter holds onto energy- which is why we ground locations. Energy can get stuck on walls and furniture and so a location can serve as a portal back in time. You can use this to your advantage and set an intention for any space. The walls will hold onto that intention and slow it down so you can better align with it. Let the walls have your back and support you in walking the path of your intentions.



To Ground a Location:

  1. Imagine the center of a location and set up a golden column of light there. The golden column of light starts about half the height of the walls and goes from the center of the location all the way down into the earth’s center, like your personal grounding cord does.

  2. Acknowledging the law of gravity running through the grounding cord, watch as dark, dingy colors melt off the walls and are sucked down through the grounding cord and into the earth’s center.

  3. Watch this location get brighter as you ground out any unwanted energies. You may go through the colors of the rainbow and ground out each color, or assign values to colors and watch as you release them.

  4. Own this location by envisioning an image of yourself on all the walls. Some of you may prefer your signature on all the walls and others will prefer a combination of both image and signature. Look around and see yourself beaming back at you. You belong here.

  5. Set an intention for this location by writing that intention across all the walls. Intentions work best when written in present-tense. You may choose a word, a few words or intentions, or a sentence. Look around and see that intention holding space for you.

  6. Just like your own personal grounding cord, these grounding cords will reduce in efficacy the more you use them. It’s best to destroy them and create new ones daily or as needed.

Suggested Practices

  • Ground a familiar location before you arrive there and see what you notice. For example, ground your work space before arriving for work. See if it changes things.

  • Ground a location while you’re in it. Take some time in a space to energetically understand it before you ground it. Then, ground the space and see what you notice. Take a look around and see if people’s behaviors change?

  • Ground a charged location before arriving and see what happens. This could be the in-laws, an audition or an interview, a first date, etc. Ground it, own it, set and intention and see how it goes.

  • Ground your home. Set your living space to a different intention than your bedroom or kitchen space. As you live out your week there, see if you notice a difference in the spaces? Invite people over and see if they notice a difference or act in alignment with the intentions set?

  • Should you find yourself in a charged environment, offer it a grounding cord and see what happens.

Golden Sun



Vibrating from your golden sun will prevent you from absorbing environmental energy. This will keep you neutral, self-healing and diamond thinking. It feels like an energy boost and helps you heal yourself. You’ll move through life with greater ease and grace and things that used to bother you won’t bother you as much anymore.

Generally speaking, gold light represents self-healing (silver or white light represents angelic healing). Your golden sun a psychic tool to help you heal yourself and align with your personal power. It’s like an energy stimulant. You’ll feel alert, excited, energized and empowered. Should you cut yourself, your body knows to heal itself. We’re all born with this natural healing intelligence. Your golden sun calls back any energy you may have left outside of yourself. We tend to give our power away from time to time, it’s completely natural. Your golden sun will magnetize it all back and fill you up and in with it so you’re feeling in alignment again.



To Use Your Golden Sun:

  1. Imagine a golden sun hovering 2-3 feet above your head. Inside this brilliant golden sun is a magnet in the shape of your name.

  2. This magnet is attracting all your golden light back into your golden sun.

  3. Watch as gold light fills in your golden sun, like you’re filling in a pitcher of water. The gold light gathers and collects and fills the golden sun all the way up and in.

  4. When the golden sun is all full, poke a hole in the bottom of it and let all that gold light in. It drops into your body through the very top of your head and falls down to your toes, filling you up from toe to head. The gold light fills in every single cell in your body.

Suggested Practices

  • Start a meditation with a golden sun and see how it goes.

  • Pick a day where you golden sun each hour and take note of that day.

  • Offer yourself a golden tired when feeling tired or unmotivated and see what happens.

  • Golden sun your friends or people you encounter that you know could use it- always ask for (psychic) permission first!

  • Play around with the size of your golden sun. See how large you can get it- the size of a house? Can you get it to be the size of a city block?

  • Scan to be sure you’re filling your golden sun all the way up. Scan to be sure you’re filling yourself all the way up.

Psychic Space



Your psychic space is located at your sixth chakra, your clairvoyant center. This entire course exists from this space. We come here because it is the most neutral space in your body and will help you read with clarity and accuracy. When in your psychic space you have direct access to all the answers within and you’re able to see out beyond circumstance and into lessons, purpose and spirit.

Use your psychic space to resonate from your theta brain waves, develop and trust your intuition. Come here to see beyond what meets your set of eyes and to see life through your third eye. It feels like trust, serenity, peace and observation. Start by using it in meditation and expand to living from this psychic space throughout your life. You’ll rock your intuition and live from the seat of your soul, where nothing outside of you phases because you see it all as part of divine design.



Get to Your Psychic Space:

  1. Draw your awareness to the center of your head, between your ears and behind your eyes at your sixth chakra. By virtue of you being here, you’re already tuning into your intuition.

  2. Once you’re here, you notice it expands out into a beautiful safe space, where your highest self lives. Take a look around your safe, psychic space. Are you indoors or outdoors? Is this a familiar space or are you creating it as you go? What colors, sounds, scents are present? What temperature is it here in your psychic space? What time of day is it?

  3. You’re the only one that lives in your psychic space. That’s what keeps it neutral. If there are any people or pets in there with you, send them down your grounding cord. In your psychic space you’ll notice a trap door that connects with your grounding cord. Simply send these beings down that trap door and they’ll receive their energy back and you’ll create greater space for your neutrality and intuition.

  4. Focus on your highest self that lives in your psychic space. What do you look like here? What are you wearing? How are you carrying yourself? Really connect with this version of yourself. You become your highest self every time you’re in your psychic space. Enjoy and explore this you and this space.

  5. Own and bless your psychic space by practicing your favorite activity or hobby in here. That one thing that you could do forever and it feels like time flies- do that.

  6. You’ll notice there’s a chair in the center of your psychic space. This is the seat of your soul. Take note of its size, shape, color and texture. Have a seat. You are here, you have arrived.

Suggested Practices

  • Spend 20 minutes in your psychic space 3 times this week to really get familiar with it so that it becomes your psychic home. You’re welcome to practice your other psychic tools (grounding cord, grounding locations) from this space or simply just enjoy existing here.

  • See how often you can get back to your psychic space each day. Whenever you notice you’re in your body or you’re being a little reactive or feeling overwhelmed, get back to you psychic space. See how fast you can get here and how long you can stay here.

  • Have your highest self take an elevator up and down your body to feel what it’s like to exist from different energy vortexes. We learn through contrast. Feel out the vibration and existence from your lower abdomen, your chest and your throat. Taking note of how that compares with the center of your head will help you better understand your psychic space.

  • As you’re getting acquainted with your psychic space, feel free to redecorate, shift and adjust the setting until it feels like trust, peace and surrender for you.

physic space.png

Running Energy

“Be humble for you’re made of the earth. Be noble, for you’re made of the stars.” - Serbian Proverb



This module is the embodiment of that proverb. Course earth and cosmic energy throughout your body to conserve your own personal energy and feel connected to safety, security and stillness while also feeling connected inspiration, motivation and activity. Running energy is like exercise for your insides. It keeps your energy in motion so you’re clear and powerfully present and not projecting from your past. Making a habit of running energy will prevent dust from settling on your diamond.

Use this module to clear out the old, conserve your energy and feel both humble and noble.

*I flesh out the difference between earth and cosmic energy in this article I wrote about masculine and feminine energies. Think of earth energy as divine feminine energy and cosmic energy as divine masculine energy for a greater understanding of the purpose each serves.*


How to Run Energy:

  1. Decide on the type of earth energy you’d like to course though your body (mud, water, lava, oil, etc.) You may use one substance or a combination of resources.

  2. Envision that energy either in its natural form or assign a color to represent it, coming up from the earth and meeting your feet. Feel that earth energy spinning out your feet chakras.

  3. Bring the earth energy up from your feet, through your legs and have it stay at the base of your spine where your root chakra is for a little while.

  4. Next, envision cosmic energy coming down from the cosmos and hitting the top of your head. You may see it as stardust or assign it a color and watch that color come down from the cosmos and gather at the top of your head where your crown chakra is.

  5. Bring this cosmic energy all the way down through your head and down your neck.

  6. At the nape of your neck, the cosmic energy divides into two channels along either side of your spine and goes all the way down your back until it reaches the earth energy at your lower back.

  7. Now create a blend of earth and cosmic energies here in your lower back. This is the blend you’ll be coursing throughout your body. In general using less than 30% of earth energy works great. More than that and you may feel depressed or too sedentary. Anywhere between 10% - 20% earth & 80% - 90% cosmic tends to be the most widely used blend.

  8. Send the unused earth and cosmic energies down your grounding cord.

  9. Send the blend down your legs and to fountain out of your feet chakras.

  10. Bring the blend up your two back channels and have some of it go out your shoulders and down your arms to fountain out of your palms.

  11. The remainder of the blend goes up and through your head to fountain out of your head.

  12. You now have earth energy coming up through your feet and cosmic energy coming down through your head. You’re coursing universal energy throughout your body and it is fountaining out of your feet, palms and head and into the layers of your aura.

Suggested Practices

  • For ten minutes run only earth energy throughout your body to fully understand its magick.

  • For ten minutes run only cosmic energy throughout your body to fully understand its magick.

  • Pick a day where you run 90% cosmic and 10% earth energies. Maintain running your energy all day long and take note of how you felt that day and how that day went.

  • Pick a day where you run 80% cosmic and 20% earth energies. Maintain running your energy all day long and take note of how you felt that day and how that day went.

  • Play around with different earth energies or different blends from day to day to better understand what each does for you.

  • Play around with different percentages of earth and cosmic energy from day to day to better understand what percentage mixture works best for you and when.

Popping Balloons



Use this module to break through habits or patterns. Pop balloons to clear space, release the old, declutter and detach from outcome. Use this module when you’re stressed and need to blow steam. Use it when it appears like things aren’t going your way. Use it as an alternative to grounding to clear out charged energy from your space.

Creating the balloon works your creative muscle and empowers you to realize you are the creator of your life. It offers a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” - Dalai Lama XIV

Yet, everything is impermanent and there is often much karma involved in each of your creations. Popping the balloon works the destruction muscle, helps you surrender and go with the flow in realizing we’re actually CO-creating with the universe and powers that be.

Say you want a relationship and it’s not happening on your timeline. When creating the balloon it’s suggesting self-worth, self-confidence and self-love. “I am worthy of this relationship and I will create it.” When popping the balloon, it recognizes this relationship isn’t just about you, it helps you take into consideration your future partner’s karma and what’s in highest order for them. Timing is everything and should the relationship happen prematurely it may be set up for pain, whereas if it happens in divine timing it’ll be mutually beneficial. Popping the balloon suggests all of that.

Destruction often proceeds creation. Life moves in cycles of life and death. Change is the only constant. In the end, it’s all part of the whole. Create to destroy. Destroy to create. In Sufism it is said we must empty ourselves to fill ourselves back up again. And then we empty again… to fill up again. Mastering the reality of impermanence will offer you so much mental freedom!


Balloon Popping:

  • Envision a balloon 2-3 feet in front of you. See this balloon in as much detail as possible. What color is it? What size is it? What shape is it? Can you twirl it around to take it all on and see it from every angle?

  • Now, pop the balloon. Watch as it disappears completely as though it was never there.

  • Repeat

Suggested Practices

  • Pick a day where you pop balloons all day long and see what you experience.

  • Pick a day where you pop balloons in the morning before starting your day and see what you experience.

  • Pick a day where you pop balloons at the very end of your day before going to bed and see what you experience.

  • When you’re feeling charged energy, give it a color and watch as that color leaves your body to fill up a balloon in front of you until. Eventually the color will leave your body entirely and then pop that balloon.

  • Have different colored balloons suck out the different colors in your space until they fill all the way up and pop.

  • If you’re in an uncomfortable situation or having a conversation that feels uncomfortable, imagine a balloon between you and the situation or person and pop it. Pop as many balloons as you wish and see if it helps you flow with the situation.

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