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HONOR Hawkins

Integrative Wellness Coach,

“nu it school and Deganit are amazing! The tools we practice have helped me take my intuitive gifts to the next level. And fast! I see the impact in my relationships, my well-being and with my clients. The practices can touch everything and help so many. And I love that the "work" is joyful, restorative and empowering. It fills the cup. Deganit is a gifted teacher and a light in this world — I'm so thankful to have access to her powerful methods and wisdom.”



Ingrid Young

Energy Healer,, Brooklyn NY

“The knowledge and tools from the nu it program are life changing! Deganit is excellent at explaining esoteric ideas and breaking those concepts down to make them simple and approachable. She teaches you how to connect to and nurture your higher self in safe and fun environment. I use the tools such as grounding, chakra balancing, and manifesting on a daily basis. They have empowered me to confidently navigate and find clarity through all my (big and small) life events. Deganit is beautiful light and I am thankful that she is sharing her wisdom and knowledge to the world!”



Katheryn AILEEN

@katheryn.aileen, New York, NY

“The space Deganit creates for you while you learn to heal yourself is a gift that transcends the physical realm. Literally. As a long-time student of Deganit, I can tell you right now, the course is unreal. You’re going to be developing the skills that strengthen your intuitive muscle by guiding your awareness. It won’t be long before you’ve realized you’re walking on cloud 9 as a new born baby angel manifesting dreams in real time. ”



Faith Brouillette

Creative Spirit, Wife, Mom, Friend, crystal collector & Lover of all things, @Fun2BFancy,
Palos Verdes/Malibu, CA

“Her melodic voice leads her students down a path of self discovery and introspection, and she is able to effectively narrate & guide participants towards the ability to construct elaborate and focused images in their mind’s eye. She also makes it look and sound easy which is fantastic! It’s always a fun and light filled experience that I highly enjoy! After every class, I feel energized and motivated and connected to parts of myself I hadn’t previously explored.”



Marika Frumes

Founder and CEO HER USA, Facilitator, Consultant, New York, NY

“I am practical, grounded Virgo so for me to say that someone changed my life, is rare. Deganit however did just that through giving me the tools to truly hear myself and help me manifest. In a manifestation workshop last year, I visualized owning a spacious, rustic apartment that I shared with a loving, blue eyed, blonde man. Fast forward 9 months and I now own a loft in South Street Seaport which share with my half-Scandinavian partner, Ryan. Dreams, or in this case- manifestations, do come true!”




Director, Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve always been highly sensitive/intuitive but in the past I was reluctant to fully trust my intuition because it wasn’t 100% reliable. I was also an energy sponge which made engaging with others wildly variable depending on the crowd. Real talk- I met and immediately fell in love with Deggi. How could a person not want some of that magic? After these years of work with nu it, I’ve learned to quiet my mind with ease. I can see clearly, interpret information with neutrality, and I continue to by surprised by the accuracy of my intuition. Most importantly, though, my space is my own. No longer do I absorb the energy of others, and I can hold my space easily. With the tools I’ve learned from nu it, holding and carrying my own energy has become a habit as I walk through my daily life. For this especially, I am full of gratitude for nu it. It’s made a world of difference in both my personal and professional lives. ”



Alison James

Shelburne, VT

“I've always been "magical" - the kind of kid who doesn't fit in because she sees the world as full of "unreal" possibilities. This course has been like a boot-camp in intuitive training, with protocol for all kinds of spiritual tools. Because we practice them each week, the tools get easier, until they become a natural, effortless part of daily life. I find that I trust my intuition more, because I'm getting regular feedback from the group, and with that trust, I can open myself up more to the invisible world. Super grateful!”



Becky DeCicco

Special Projects, New York & San Francisco

“The tools Deganit teaches changed my life in immeasurable ways. I went from feeling like a victim of my own circumstances to an empowered writer of my own story. Deganit’s perfect blend of joy, light, and deep wisdom is infectious. She makes you feel like you can do anything, and by using the tools she teaches you truly can.”



Krista chael

Artist, Los Angeles, CA

“I've always felt myself to be an intuitive person but have struggled quite a bit with the human business of a stressful world and a busy mind. Most often I haven't listened to my intuition when I needed it the most. This is just one of the amazing skills nu it is helping me learn: how to use my intuition, not only to help myself, but to help others as well. Now, not only am I honing my intuition, but nu it is teaching me powerful tools that change what I thought was possible in this world. I encourage anyone interested in developing their intuitive skills to take the time to try nu it, and see for yourself.”



TARRA Gomory

Director of Customer Success, New York, NY

“The healing tools taught in nu it school are invaluable, and some of the most powerful tools I've used to tap into my own intuition and heal my life. Deganit is a master at leading all of us toward love and light, and teaching us the tools she has spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and love developing and refining. These tools have taught me to be my highest self, and also to serve others with love and light. I've learned not only to ground myself when I feel I'm in complete chaos, but to work through and ground out the space around me and any negative energy that is no longer serving me. I've learned to fill myself with warm golden suns, creating an instantaneous calm whenever I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I've been able to envision and manifest things into my life that I would have never thought possible. I've been able to visit my past selves and heal unresolved and unsettled issues, feelings and pain. It has been absolutely life changing. These tools have taught me more about myself, shown me how to truly love myself (and others), and have released the power I never I knew I possessed to take control of my own life and healing. I could not recommend this course and the tools within more highly for anyone looking to take their life, love, learning, consciousness and intuition to the next level. ”


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