You are an infinite being connected to endless possibilities!


the mission and vision

nu it school is on a mission to set your soul on fire! It’s time. We don’t think living your full potential ought to be a luxury. Self-actualizing is your birthright.

Our vision is to elevate the collective consciousness so we’re all walking in love. World peace starts with inner peace. We are devoted to peace within and peace globally. We believe together we can be the change we wish to see in the world. Studies show that crime and violence decreases in populations where a collective gathers to meditate. To change everything, we need everyone. So, you want to change the world with us?


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


about deganit

Like many of you, I was born a witch. And by witch, I mean I’ve always been tapped into the metaphysical realm and have had this perception that surpases the material. As a kid, I loved creating little “magic boxes” for my family members. I’d go out and select the perfect rock for the individual I was thinking about, come home and channel their energy into a colorful drawing for them.

I grew up in Fresno, California, home to raisins, and so there were tons of tiny snack-size raisin boxes around. I’d place the rock and love note inside, sometimes even coupled with a small flower I had picked and offer them to my loves. I pretty much still do the same thing, only I’ve elevated from rocks to crystals, from drawings to mantras, from flowers to essential oil sprays, and repurposed raisin boxes to ethically made cotton satchels.

I’ve always been a healer and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have, too.

By age 8, I found myself as a marriage counselor and empowerment coach to the women of our apartment building complex. We lived in low income housing. Poverty breeds depression and a feeling of oppression. We were surrounded by battered women and could overhear just about every single fight every evening. Before their husbands got home, I would ask my neighbors how they were or why they stayed in their marriages. These grown women would ask me what to do about their situation! Perhaps you have similar stories to tell?

Then adolescence, conditioning and programing, a desire to fit in and an adoption of societal norms happened. By the time I graduated college, I had lost connection with my gifts and my true purpose. I was set on becoming a dentist! It felt like the “right” thing to do, something that would make my mom happy and a respectable enough path. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was hiding from my own truth. I had become my dust.

In 2004, I moved to Stockton, California to teach the Dental Admissions Test on the weekends. During the weekdays I was dental assisting by day and serving tables by night (workaholic tendencies are a relationship with the dust). I was between undergrad and grad school. I was between locations, between lives, between worlds and between identities. And that’s when I met Kayhan, my first psychic teacher.

Kayhan took me under his wing and taught me all about how energy works. He taught me my golden sun, my grounding cord, my chakras and energy cords. The more I learned, the more I made sense of my entire life! I started clairvoyantly reading my friends and they started referring their friends and before I nu it, I was a professional clairvoyant without a business card, website or any type of marketing- My true calling had found me.

Instead of dental school, I went to acupuncture school. I traded in all my “shoulds” for endless possibilities. I upgraded from goals and micro-managing to intention setting, trusting and surrendering. I’m happy. With my intuition as my guiding light, I am fulfilled and self-expressed. I am back to my diamond. The tools I teach in nu it school™ changed my life and they can change yours, too!

I now teach these tools across the globe with my tiny wizard pup, Bentley by my side. As a witch, there’s nothing I love more than the look of awe and wonder on students’ faces when they first realize how truly intuitive they are and always have been!

As Ram Dass says, “I help people as a way to work on myself and I work on myself as a way to help people.”

I love learning and evolving into new incarnations of myself and holding space for you to do the same for yourself. I am because you are.