You are love.


nu it school ™ is a course designed to help you heal you.

The metaphysical modules in nu it school employ a blend of ancient and modern healing modalities practiced globally to help retrain your brain to align with your pure potential. In short, this course will help you unfuck yourself and access all the power and confidence you had before any particles of dust settled on your brilliant diamond. You were born to thrive.



When surveyed 80% of nu it students say they’ve experienced greater self-love! Self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm have dissipated. In their place, is now mental freedom, self-confidence and self-trust. Heal and release your past and align with your true path and purpose.



We’re all born intuitive, but it can be hard to hear your intuition while life is shouting at you. Learn psychic tools that will turn down the volume on life and turn up the volume on your intuition. Your intuition is like your very own custom navigation system. Life gets so much easier.



The skills learned in nu it school are like life hacks. Join us and learn why students across the globe say this course offers them a greater sense of possibility. You are bigger than your situation or your history. Learn how to access your essence and watch as it spills over into every aspect of your life. Make manifest the reality of your dreams.


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